For a mid range which prefers concreteness of
the product in furnishing the spaces.

Integra Giorno

Multiple dimensional
forniture system.

Projecta Notte

Colours and woods, simple or unusual lines, soft or austere.
Each set has the elegance of practical and functional creativity.

Projecta Armadi

Wardrobes with hinged or sliding doors: in each model,
a combination of design, functionality and perfection of form.

K_obi Cabine

A functional richspace, a storey free composition, containers and accessories, richelegant finishes: the walk-in closet is a world to discover.


Ideal for wall closets, wall systems and walk-in closets, Quadra sliding systems are ideal to separate the living quarters from the sleeping ones, or kitchen areas from living areas.


Geometry fuses with the materials and the freedom of the design is translated into aesthetic functionality.