divulgativo Santalucia Mobili

Santalucia Mobili’s new brochure

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divulgativo Santalucia Mobili

A booklet telling our story.

A story of people and shared values, spanning over 50 years. A story of innovation and ongoing research into production processes, technology and design. Three brands: Ikona, Homy and Pratico, with different collections, styles and finishes.

Santalucia Mobili is all of this, and we want to tell our story in a pocket booklet, which also contains our latest products and ideas for homes, residential complexes and large-scale turnkey projects.

You can find it online following this link.

An innovative social housing redevelopment project

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Santalucia Mobili furnished the living and bedroom spaces for “Casadhoc”, a pioneering social housing project in Italy.

The FVG Social Housing Fund has converted the former paper factory “Saul Sadoch” in Trieste into 83 high energy-class flats. In addition to a fixed rent price, the families living here are able to benefit from outlet prices for locally made furniture via an e-commerce platform.

Franco Di Fonzo, President of the FVG furniture cluster, one of the project partners, defined Casadhoc as “a pioneering one-of-a-kind project, creating new channels of communication between the local community and businesses in the industry, and spreading the culture of quality local made-in-Italy products”.

Santalucia Mobili is responsible for furnishing the living and bedroom spaces in the new residential units, as testimony to its ongoing commitment to social causes and the attention it pays to the local community. Santalucia Mobili is proud to have been a part of this avant-garde social housing project.

Nuovo Catalogo Innova

New Innova collection

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Nuovo Catalogo Innova

Innovation in the living room all starts with a simple line.

Innova is the new Ikona branded collection for furnishing your living room. Straight lines are the inspiration behind designing new spaces. The distinctive features of this Innova design are sketched out by the broken line of the open-fronted units and the continuous line of the groove grip.

The simple geometric shapes of this furniture are emphasised by metal feet and pairings of different finishes: desaturated colours, wood grain and smoked glass combine to bring style to this living space.

Cupboards, desks, tables, chairs and lights complete the collection.

Browse the Innova catalogue.

happy business to you

Happy business to you

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happy business to you

Santalucia Mobili took part once again in the latest edition of “Happy Business to You”, the Italian tradeshow for large-scale turnkey furnishing projects. 12-14 September, Sacile (Pordenone

As well as furnishing living and bedroom spaces in the home, Santalucia Mobili is also involved in turnkey projects and supplying furniture (kitchens, accessories, bedroom furniture and office furniture) for a wide range of sectors, from hotels to hospitality in a broader sense, and business facilities to residential buildings, both in Italy and abroad. This three-day event is concentrated around the turnkey market and internationalisation, and provides an important opportunity to interact with sector professionals.

As stated in the official press release for the event [original in Italian]: “The turnkey market segment is continuing to take hold, becoming an essential part of the furniture industry. When we think about a turnkey project, we think about something that brings together furniture, construction, real estate and design. The aim is to provide a plan made to suit the customer. Fuelled by the tourism sector, the least hit by the global crisis, the key players in the turnkey project market are the suppliers of furniture for hotels, bars and catering services. Furniture sales in the turnkey sector are growing, particularly in the United States, Russia, the UK and developing areas. As regards the Italian market, production has always stood out from the crowd thanks to the “made-in-Italy” design label and the use of high-quality materials, and we have seen growth in exports, particularly to the United States, a market with an annual turnover of 700 million euros”.

Santalucia Mobili fits into this positive trend, with its products and designs for furnishing designer spaces, taking the “made-in-Italy” concept around the world.

Nuovi cataloghi armadi e gruppi

New Projecta catalogues

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Nuovi cataloghi armadi e gruppi

News for the bedroom space.

The new Projecta collection by Homy has been extended to include new compositions (Ellisse, Opale and Dolomite), beds (Major, Grecale and Levante) and wardrobes (Deco) for the bedroom space, as well as new colours and finishes.

The two new Cover textures dress the design like a fabric, and the three new Eco colours bring modern shades of grey to the range. And that’s not all. Eco-leather is used on the handles of the ‘Double’ wardrobe, Quadro 12 composition and Parentesi headboard. Another new finish, Rame, emphasises the groove grip on the ‘Metal’ wardrobe, creating an on-trend metallic effect.

There is so much to discover in the new Projecta catalogues.

Browse the Projecta Night Wardrobes catalogue.

Browse the Projecta Night Compositions and Beds catalogue.


Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

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Santalucia Mobili put forward a tender for the ROP Friuli Venezia Giulia ERDF 2014-2020, obtaining funding for development projects at the company.

The funding awarded will allow the company to purchase new latest-generation systems and implement software for planning, managing and monitoring the full production cycle.
Through these efforts, Santalucia Mobili aims to increase its competitiveness
in the target market. Reducing production times and significantly increasing efficiency and production capacity are the company’s current key growth objectives.

Milan Design Store

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A new store, an important milestone.

On 18 April at the Salone del Mobile – the annual event that brings designers and enthusiasts from all over the world to Milan – Santalucia Mobili opened its first Design Store. Here, Ikona, Homy and Pratico – Santalucia Mobili’s three brands – are on full view to the public, showcasing all of their new product lines.

The Dandy Collection by Ikona was the star of the show, with its framed door, unusual shapes and fresh colours. The other stars of this event were all of the people who have helped us to reach this important milestone.

Our Design Store can be found in Viale Severino Boezio 20, in Milan’s largest commercial district, CityLife.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Opening hours:
every day (except Mondays)
Morning 10 am – 12.30 pm
Afternoon 3 pm – 7.30 pm

video istituzionale

Past, present and future

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Past, present and future.

Santa Lucia was founded in 1965, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and conceptual vision of seven young business partners. More than 50 years later, the new generation carries on their work at the modernised furniture factory Santalucia Mobili, with the same strong team spirit and ongoing research into the designs and materials. The journey continues!

This video profile tells the story of Santalucia Mobili: past, present and future.

New Corporate Image

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The new identity establishes new ties, projecting towards a future of great things to come.

In this new journey Santalucia no longer characterises itself as a living room and bedroom furniture brand, instead showcasing its individual product brands, each targeting a specific consumer base: IKONA, aimed at an expert range familiar with the latest designs and trends, HOMY for a mid-range that tends to focus on the concreteness of the product when it comes to furnishing and PRATICO, for those who decorate combining diverse tastes and needs at affordable prices.

Three brands, three different ways of interpreting the home furnishing experience, all sharing one common trait: the Santalucia quality and design.